Xi Jinping’s 1st remarks on Covid in China: Must feasibly protect people’s lives

Covid In China: Chinese President Xi Jinping urged officials to take steps to “feasibly protect people’s lives”.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged officials to take steps to “feasibly protect people’s lives”. In their first remarks on Covid since China dramatically loosened its stringent ‘Zero-Covid policy’, Xi Jinping said, “We should launch the patriotic health campaign in a more targeted way… fortify a community line of defence for epidemic prevention and control, and feasibly protect people’s lives, safety and health.

China is currently experiencing the world’s biggest surge in infections with studies estimating that around one million people could die over the next few months.

The comments come as residents of Chinese cities edge closer to living with Covid even as medical workers across the country scramble to cope with new infections in the country ad the virus is now spreading unchecked.

Reports have said that hospitals in China are overwhelmed with five- to six times more patients than usual, mostly elderly while all levels of government in the country are intensifying efforts to ensure that the demand for medicines and other supplies is met.

Meanwhile, China reported no Covid deaths on the mainland for the past six days through Sunday, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said, even as reports claimed that crematories faced surging demand. China has also narrowed its definition for classifying deaths as Covid-related now only counting those involving Covid-caused pneumonia or respiratory failure.

The ruling Communist Party and State Council also issued a notice calling on officials to “ensure the smooth and orderly adjustment and transition of epidemic prevention and control measures”, AFP reported.

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