England to Australia without flying: A family’s journey for two main causes

Shannon Coggins, Theo Simon and their 19-year-old daughter Rosa have reached Indonesia while on their way to Australia.

Imagine travelling all the way from England to Australia, covering a distance of 16,000 km and without boarding an aircraft during the journey. Well, that’s what an English family of three had on their mind when they embarked on the journey. Shannon Coggins, Theo Simon and their 19-year-old daughter Rosa have reached Indonesia. The family wants to reach Sydney before 28 December to attend Coggins’ sister’s wedding there.

The family of three have taken three and a half months to reach Indonesia, reported BBC. Interestingly, they have not been flying on an aircraft since 2002 in view of flight travel’s adverse impact on climate.

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In their journey, they have travelled through Kazakhstan, China, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia. They are currently in Dili, East Timor’s capital, from where they want to take a boat to cross the Timor Sea to reach Darwin, Australia. From Darwin, they would take a bus to Sydney.

As per BBC report, Coggins’ sister moved to Australia in 2007 and is getting married in New South Wales on 28 December. Coggins is going to her home in Australia for the first time.

“I want us all to be there on her wedding day but I am also trying to do my bit to reduce my carbon footprint by trying not to fly,” said Coggins.

“All three of us have campaigned in different ways for action on climate change, so we decided our journey to Australia would have to be as low-carbon as practical,” said Simon.

Cost of the trip and planning

The ongoing trip has already cost the family a lot more than the price of travelling by air directly to their destination.

Coggins worked as administrator in a school and left the job in August to go on the journey. Her husband finished his work at Songbird Naturals in Ditcheat.

Sources: Hindustan Times


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