Ola Electric launches third software update for its e-scooter customers

Ola Electric, the SoftBank-backed electric vehicle manufacturer, on Thursday launched a software update that it said will improve its scooters’ performance and features.

More than 1 lakh Ola customers will get the Move OS 3 update this week. “This is our third major software upgrade within a span of a year and I couldn’t have been more proud of our engineers who are at the heart of executing world-class technology at such speed,” said Bhavish Aggarwal, founder, and chief executive officer of Ola Electric.

The update will make Ola scooters compatible with the company’s Hypercharger network in 27 states. Users will be able to add a range of 50 km after 15 minutes of fast charging on the network.

“MoveOS 3 will turn the scooter into a more sophisticated and intuitive machine that will redefine the way EV two-wheelers are perceived in the country and the world over,” said Aggarwal.

On upgrading to the new software, Ola S1 Pro and the Ola S1 scooters will receive more than 50 features and improvements related to performance, access, and convenience.

MoveOS 3 enables three regenerative braking settings users can choose based on their riding. Regenerative braking helps in improving range. While going out of town for work or for holidays with family, users can now leave their scooters on this mode for a period of up to 200 days without having to worry about deep discharge.

Another feature will enable users to seamlessly lock or unlock their scooters by simply walking to their scooters with their phones. Users will now be able to get Wifi connectivity on their scooters. Users will be able to receive call notifications on their dash and stay connected with friends and family.

MoveOS 3 will also be bringing in several performance improvements to Ola’s S1 family of scooters. These include better acceleration in Hyper and Sport modes and increased top speed in Eco Mode.

Ola has also been on an aggressive expansion spree. It is opening up over 50 experience centers spanning across the country. The firm said it is on track to open 100 outlets by the end of this month and 200 by March 2023.

Source: Business Standard

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