90 lakh haven’t taken Covid booster shot in Mumbai; low supply of vaccine

Mumbai: Although there is an increase in the daily uptake of Covid booster shot in Mumbai – from little over 100 five days back to over 1,000 on Friday – there seems to be inadequate Covid vaccine stocks in the city.

The BMC has barely 6,000 doses of only one vaccine (Covaxin) and none of Covishield and Corbevax. Only a handful of private hospitals (where most of the adult population have to take the booster shot as the public sector only provides free booster shots to senior citizens) still offer vaccines.

According to BMC officials, despite the 10-fold increase in footfall, the increase in footfall, the increase isn’t statistically significant as 90 lakh Mumbaikars still need to take the booster. “In Mumbai, there appears to be no interest in taking the third shot,” said BMC executive officer Dr Mangala Gomare.

Meanwhile, the booster dose uptake in Maharashtra doubled on Friday to over 6,000 as compared to a little more than 3,000 a day before.

On Monday, barely 500 people opted for the third dose of the vaccine in the state According to CoWIN data, daily demand for Covid vaccines in the state was around 4,000 in November and had dropped to 2,000 in early December. According to CoWIN, an estimated 6.71 crore people in Maharashtra still haven’t taken the third or booster shot of the Covid vaccine available for everyone aged 18 and above.

State health department officials said more than 10 lakh Covaxin doses were available across Maharashtra, which could be used for the first, second or precautionary doses.

Source: Economic Times



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