Can Jaggery Help Cleanse Our Lungs?

Jaggery is seen as a wonderful food, a healthy alternative to sugar and a base ingredient for many Indian dishes. It is preferred over refined sugar on many occasions. But does it have any role in cleaning the lungs?
Several studies have shown that jaggery has lung-cleansing properties.

Indian mothers always feed jaggery to their children. A small piece of jaggery is given to children to chew or suck on, jaggery powder is used in milk and jaggery, and ginger and basil leaves are given during cough and cold.
Even people working in factories like cement-making factories and thermal plants are given jaggery in food.

Recently, lifestyle expert Luke Coutinho spoke about the importance of jaggery in view of the increasing air pollution in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai.
“With the menace of air pollution and the worsening AQI levels in our cities and towns, we are witnessing a manifold rise in cases of respiratory disorders. There is one step you can take and make it a lifestyle change, especially if you live in highly polluted cities like Delhi and Mumbai or close to industrial areas, consuming jaggery or jaggery,” he writes.
Molasses offers respiratory benefits, writes Luke: Molasses, also known as poor man’s chocolate, maybe an unpopular sweetener in a world ruled by multinational F&B companies, but the science behind this natural sweetener And the research is incredible. especially when it comes to respiratory health. Jaggery is a scientifically proven lung cleanser and has the ability to displace carbon particles that can get trapped in the alveoli of your lungs. This makes it a highly effective remedy for bronchitis, wheezing, asthma and other breathing disorders.

What are the other benefits of jaggery?
Jaggery is a healthy food, it eases constipation, is a blood purifier, is rich in iron and boosts energy levels.
However, experts advise diabetics to be careful in consuming jaggery as the glycemic index of sugar and jaggery is similar.

Source: Times of India

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